Can I order outside the UK?

Yes, we accept orders throughout Europe. Please note that you will not be charged VAT at the time of your order but will pay import VAT on receipt of your order by the delivery courier. Couriers may also charge a small handling fee.

Can you produce my charity CD for free or cheap?

We support a small range of charities already, therefore we are unable to to offer any free printing. We may be able to offer a 10% discount code, depending on the order. Ask us for more info.

Advice for burning your own CDs and DVDs

If you are ordering CDR or DVDR as blank discs to burn yourself – please follow the advice below:

1) Ensure your CD/DVD Drive has the latest firmware
2) Make sure you order a sample discs from us to make sure you have no compatibility problems. Our customers very rarely have problems but DVD+R discs on MAC machines have caused problems. We now only supply DVD-R discs.
3) Burn CDR at a maximum speed of 16x even if your drive offers higher speeds
4) Burn DVD-R discs at a maximum speed of 4x even if your drive offers higher speeds

By following this advice you should have very few, if any, failed burns. If you find you are getting lots of problems – contact us for advice.

Can you add my track names and codes to the CD?

Yes. If you would like all your track names and ISRC codes embedded then you will either need to send a master CD or DDP image with that data embedded already or choose our WAV to CD service with ISRC/CD-text option. Our duplicators will copy the data to each of your discs.

Please be aware of the following:

CD-Text and ISRC is mainly designed for professional audio equipment and broadcasters to track royalties.

Most software on PCs and MACs does NOT read the CD-Text that is embedded in the disc but instead uses “Gracenote”. CDs can be submitted to the Gracenote database which works to identify CDs by the track lengths. You can do this yourself from within iTunes or other music players. Google “submit tracks to gracenote” to find articles explaining how.

If you pay for CD-Text service or send a master discs with embedded CD-Text you will still need to submit to gracenote if you wish iTunes / Windows Media player and other software to display the data.

How do I send you my music, video or data files for duplication?

Sending your data
Once you have received your quote and paid for your order you will receive detailed instructions on how to submit your data/WAV files or master CD.

We will need a license in order to process masters that contain cover versions of songs or sound recordings not owned by you. For cover versions performed by your own band we need a mechanical license. For compilations containing original sound recordings you also need a PPL license. A Limited Manufacture License is a good option for short runs. Visit for more info.

How do I send you my artwork files?

Once you have completed your order you will be able to submit all your artwork files by uploading them.

You can also submit artwork files when requesting a quote, to help with the quotation process.

Please be sure to use our ARTWORK TEMPLATES

How do I place an order?

Please get a quote first, and advise us of your deadline for delivery. Once we know that delivery is possible, we will send an invoice for payment and give detailed instructions on how to upload your music and artwork files.

What is your turnaround time?

Normal turnaround varies from 3-14 days. Please advise as to your deadline before ordering to make sure we can complete the order in time. Express services can be made available for super tight deadlines at extra cost.