Can you add my track names and codes to the CD?

Yes. If you would like all your track names and ISRC codes embedded then you will either need to send a master CD or DDP image with that data embedded already or choose our WAV to CD service with ISRC/CD-text option. Our duplicators will copy the data to each of your discs.

Please be aware of the following:

CD-Text and ISRC is mainly designed for professional audio equipment and broadcasters to track royalties.

Most software on PCs and MACs does NOT read the CD-Text that is embedded in the disc but instead uses “Gracenote”. CDs can be submitted to the Gracenote database which works to identify CDs by the track lengths. You can do this yourself from within iTunes or other music players. Google “submit tracks to gracenote” to find articles explaining how.

If you pay for CD-Text service or send a master discs with embedded CD-Text you will still need to submit to gracenote if you wish iTunes / Windows Media player and other software to display the data.

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