Artwork Templates

Please use the templates below to submit your artwork. You may use Adobe Indesign’s built in templates. These are usually correct except for the CD/DVD disc template. Please export booklets as 2-page spreads in PDF format with page numbers included (either on artwork or in file name).

For the fastest turnaround please submit artwork directly on our templates with all the information completed including page numbers. Ensure you add bleed on all paper parts (see template keys for details). Do not put text too close to the edge – keep text or other important design elements at least 6mm away from the edge of the print.

Have you added bleed?

No bleed on artwork is the number one mistake that customers make. Please take the time to understand what bleed is and make sure you check our templates carefully to ensure bleed is added.

Please read our artwork instruction document before submitting artwork. If in doubt please consult a professional graphic designer for assistance.

If using GIMP software you will need to make sure you open all documents at 300dpi resolution.

ItemDescriptionDownload Links
CD or DVD Disc TemplateUse for artwork which covers the whole of the disc.
See template below for text based discs.
PDF Format

JPG Format
CD or DVD Disc Template (logo or text based discs)Use for artwork which does not cover the whole disc - such as a company logo or simple text based discs. PDF Format

JPG Format
1 or 2-Page CD BookletThis is a single sheet printed on one or both sides to give 2-printed pages. Use twice for 2 printed pages.PDF Format

JPEG Format
4-page CD bookletStandard CD booklet.
A single sheet with a centre crease. Use twice for a total of 4 printed pages.

Use this for 8,12 and 16 page booklets too.

JPEG Format
CD BacklinerThe CD backliner / traycard.
Sits under the CD tray. Use twice if you want a clear tray with artwork underneath.
PDF Format

JPEG Format
DVD WrapFits around the outside of the DVD case. Use twice if you want a clear case with artwork visible from the inside.PDF FORMAT

4-page DVD BookletStandard DVD Booklet. Single sheet with centre crease to give 4 printed pages.PDF Format

JPEG Format
CD Digipack (4 page)Standard CD Digipack with 4 printed panels. 4-panel Digipack
DigifileStandard Digigile for 1 CDDigifile
Card WalletStandard Card WalletPDF Format
Lancing PackStandard CD lancing pack with 4 printed panels.Download



Booklet pages should be laid out as follows:

Number of pagesPage Layout
4Page 4 - Page 1
Page 2 - Page 3
8Page 8 - Page 1
Page 2 - Page 7
Page 6 - Page 3
Page 4 - Page 5
12Page 12 - Page 1
Page 2 - Page 11
Page 10 - Page 3
Page 4 - Page 9
Page 8 - Page 5
Page 6 - Page 7
16Page 16 - Page 1
Page 2 - Page 15
Page 14 - Page 3
Page 4 - Page 13
Page 12 - Page 5
Page 6 - Page 11
Page 10 - Page 7
Page 8 - Page 9